manoa landschaft ag


Girasole BIS site development, Basel

Girasole is 2021 international competition to developing  Bank for International Settlements(BIS) in Basel into an urbanistically compact and cohesive ensemble consisting of two towers and a low-rise base building. This creates generous public open spaces for the city and BIS. The Second Stage Development adds a third, elongated volume.

Together working between Boltshauser Architekt and manoa landschaft ag, while the base is developed from the existing building and continues its formal language, an approximately 125-meter-high rectangular high-rise follows opposite the SBB station. This presents itself elegantly proportioned as an innovative and sustainable wooden building with a filigree, dynamic photovoltaic façade. Together with advanced concepts for green spaces, energy, water management, building automation, CO2 reduction, daylighting and efficiency, the result is a holistically conceived and expressive new headquarters for the Bank for International Settlements.